Aalborg, Danmark 9., 10. & 11. oktober 2019

Inviterede indkøbere

Inviterede indkøbere

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center inviterer i samarbejde med Dansk Eksportforening samt messernes udstillere omkring 100 toneangivende indkøbere til at besøge DanFish International i Aalborg.

Formålet med at invitere toneangivende indkøbere til messen, er at fremme handlen i messehallerne og dermed gøre DanFish International endnu mere attraktiv for udstillerne.

De inviterede indkøbere 2015 repræsenterede følgende virksomheder:

Starport Bangladesh (PTE) Ltd., Banglash - Nataaqnaq Fisheries Inc.. Canada - Ocean Choice International Ltd., Canada - Pêcheries Danamé inc., Canada - Newfound Resources Ltd, Canada - National Fishery Technology Extension Center, P.R. of China - Shanghai Institute of Science, P.R. of China - China National Fishery Corp. (CNFC), P.R. of China - Fishery Machinery and Instrument Research Institute (FMIRI), P.R. of China - JESSN Marine Equipment Co., Ltd, P.R. of China ­- Dalian Ocean Fishing Co. Ltd., P.R. of China - Dalian Xing Hai Shan fisheries Ltd., P.R. of China - Changhai Xinyuan Aquaculture Co. Ltd., P.R. of China - Shandong Xin Fa Fishery Group Co., Ltd., P.R. of China - Dalian Yi Shun  Ocean Fisheries Ltd., P.R. of China - Dandong YuanYi Refined Seafood Co., Ltd., P.R. of China - Dong Gang Ji Fu Fisheries Co. Ltd., P.R. of China - Liaoning Da Ping Fishery Group Co., Ltd., P.R. of China - China Shandong HaoYunTong Nets Technology Co., Ltd., P.R. of China - Weihai City Hengyuan Fishery Co., Ltd., P.R. of China - Ocean Prawns a/s, Denmark - Troolari Olympos Oy, Finland - L.V. Fishing, Finland - Sonnfish Oy, Finland - Pensar Tråls AB, Finland - JAS Fiske Ab, Finland - Polar Seafood, Greenland - Nunaveqartut fish aps, Greenland - Arctic Prime Fisheries, Greenland - Ísfell ehf., Iceland - HB Grandi hf, Iceland - Brim Seafood, Iceland - Girl Stephanie Ltd., Ireland - BMInternational Co., Ltd., Republic of Korea - Dongwon Industry Co., Ltd., Republic of Korea - UAB Banginis, Lithuania - Samoury Group, Mauretania - Scan Peche s.a.r.l., Morocco - SALY fishing corporation, Morocco - DEEP BLEU s.a.r.l., Morocco - GUADAZUL s.a.r.l., Morocco - Cornelis Vrolijk BV, Netherlands - Jaczon BV, Netherlands - Parlevliet & van der Plas, Netherlands - W. Van der Zwan & Zn, Netherlands - Sealord Group Ltd., New Zealand - RD Corporation, Philippines - Baltic Net Sp. z O.O., Poland - JSC "TAURUS", Russia - JSC FOR Fishing company, Russia - "INOK TM", Russia - JSC "North-Pilgrim", Russia - JSC "North-West", Russia - JSC "Eridan", Russia - Preobrazhenskaya Base of Trawl Fleet, Russia - Russian Fishery Company, Russia - Master Lova, Russia - f/v Serene, Shetland Isles - Antares LK 419, Shetland Isles - f/v Adenia, Shetland Isles - AFRICAN MARITIME SERVICES (AMS), South Africa - LL207 Nautic, Sweden - Klingerø LL 110, Sweden - O’Hara Corporation, United States of America – Iquique, United States of America


Hvis du tidligere har været inviteret til at deltage på DanFish International som VIP gæst, og gerne vil fremsende en udtalelse om dit besøg, så send venligst en kort udtalelse til Else Herfort på ehe@akkc.dk

“I love DanFish! – we’re in the process of building a new ship and pretty much every component that we’re looking at putting on the ship is here!” - Joel Hickey, Newfound Resources Ltd, Canada
"Once again the Danfish International Fishing Show has proven to be the place to be. It is a long way to travel for us and to know we are going to Europe's premiere fishing event and knowing we will be looked after so well makes the long trip extremely worthwhile!" - Bill Healey, Sealord Group Ltd, New Zealand
"Thank you! - the exhibition was well worth my visiting and the abundance of exhibitors was pleasantly received. I’m sure business for some of your Danish suppliers will ensue from us!" - Alf Wallace, AFRICAN MARITIME SERVICES Ltd, South Africa