WARNING against Connect Publisher, Event Fair, Fair Guide, Expo-Guide etc.

Our - and other exhibition organizers' - exhibitors are regularly bothered by requests from companies / publishers with addresses in fx. Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Mexico that offers recording and / or advertising in their "fair guides" on the Internet.

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center take great distance to these companies / publishers, since in their material gives the impression that they have a close working relationship with us (-and other exhibition organizers). This is not correct.

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center have at no time entered into agreements with these companies / publishers and have never handed over exhibitors' names, addresses, etc. They may have taken the names of the lists of exhibitors that can be found in the official catelogue and on our website. But these listings contain basically only the exhibiting company name and website - not addresses, contacts etc.

These companies / publishers inquiries have also a very complex content, where prices for the services they offer are well hidden and highly opaque. Therefore, several of our exhibitors just signed the contract submitted, without actually knowing what they undertake to pay. We have examples where there are exhibitors who have pledged to pay more than DKK 20.000,00 over three years for an insignificant and probably completely worthless recording!

On several occasions we have received inquiries from exhibitors who have signed a contract and subsequently received an invoice. These we have advised just to throw the invoice and subsequent reminders away. We hear from the involved exhibitors that they receive a reminder about once a quarter, and this can go on for years. We have never heard that publishers have complained to the exhibitor in the form of personal attendance, the collection of the unpaid invoice. Probably because publishers operating on the edge of good marketing practice.

This is confirmed as Fair Guide / Construct Data Verlag AG has been convicted of fraud, which has had major consequences for the company. We are in possession of a copy of this particular judicial decision, which we would like to forward when requested.

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center takes great distance to the described companies / publishers and their methods, and has on several occasions approached these - notifying them that we have contacted police and told about their behavior. However, they continue their business unmolested. Beware!

Yours sincerely
Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center

Ernst Trillingsgaard