AALBORG, DENMARK 9th, 10th & 11th OCTOBER 2019

Why exhibit at DanFish?

Why exhibit at DanFish International?

  • Promote the latest products and services to a targeted audience and potential buyers who buy products and services totalling several million Euros.
  • Make new contacts and develop existing ones.
  • Meet Danish and international buyers, including key buyers especially invited in cooperation with the exhibitors, Danish Export Association and ambassadors from relevant geographical areas.
  • Take part in exclusive seminars and workshops organized in partnership with the fisheries organizations and other highly competent advisers.
  • Build networks with other exhibitors and visitors in an informal atmosphere.
  • Use the show as a platform to market and to give exposure to your products.

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Visitor statistics for DanFish International 2015

Number of visitors
The total number of visitors at DanFish International 2015 was 13,991. Day by day they were registered as follows:

Wednesday: 2,865 persons
Thursday: 5,957 persons
Friday: 5,169 persons

Fields of activity
When registering visitors were asked to indicate their field of activity. The registrations showed the following:

57% danish visitors share

  • 19% Fisherman
  • 16% Supplier
  • 10% Skipper
  • 8% Buyer
  • 5% Vessel owner
  • 42% Other

43% foreign visitors share

  • 21% Fisherman
  • 13% Skipper
  • 12% Buyer
  • 11% Supplier
  • 10% Vessel owner
  • 33% Other

Visitors from 45 countries

  • 57% Denmark
  • 15% Norway
  • 7% Sweden
  • 7% Greenland
  • 3% United Kingdom
  • 3% Russia
“My sales team has had a number of interesting discussions even to people from the Philippines. I’ve spoken to some from the States, Canada and even the Shetland Isles. So it’s quite impressive who comes to DanFish” Julia, NSSLGlobal, Germany
“It’s a great fair with many international visitors. It has certainly been good for us. Thora Bragadottir, Beitir ehf, Iceland
“We’ve just been visited by a Canadian fishing vessel owner who has just placed the biggest order in Intech ever. In fact, it is almost twice as large as any previous order. So we find it hard to come back to earth” Leif Andersen, Intech International, Denmark
“Everything runs smoothly here in Aalborg. We attend fairs in both Norway and Sweden but here in Aalborg it is extremely well set up” Morten Mikkelsen, VMS, Denmark
“They have a really good grip on things. It’s very well organized and we can get all the help we need” Jacob Boenneland, Hempel, Denmark
“People from several countries have shown interest in our designs for fishing vessels” Jesper Raasthoej, Rolls Royce, Great Britain
“This is the first time I’ve been to DanFish and Aalborg. And compared to other shows I‘ve found it very easy to maneuver . It’s been very easy to plan the show, everyone’s answers are there immediately, a lot of help is already found online, so it’s a very well run show” Julia, NSSLGlobal, Germany